The following wiki outlines resources intended to document for the airport community what other airports have installed to date.  The document is housed within a wiki to ensure it can be updated continuously.  No company or individual is cited to attempt to ensure this is purely focused on assisting the autism community and no individual interests are favored; rather the entire intent is solely focused on autism support.  To be fair to the airports that have provided resources, the document focuses on citing footnotes on airport websites and social media accounts rather than third-party accounts of resources at airport.

Because there is a tremendous amount of variation in individual needs, there is no attempt to assert each listing is definitively helpful for those on the autism spectrum, but rather the intent is to note items that could potentially be of assistance.[1]  Those that utilize this resource are encouraged to do their own research.  As information constantly changes, footnotes have been added wherever possible to provide sources to check the latest information; the information from official airport websites has been included when most relevant.  Please also note Open Doors Organization has built a document outlining the airports with adult changing tables – see the footnote for the link.[2] [3]

Various airlines have also built out preparation and support programs. As of now, this list is intended to focus on the resources installed within airports, however given that this is an editable document, the opportunity exists to add the airline-specific information as well.

[1] Many airports participate in the “Hidden Disabilities Sunflower” Program which may be helpful for travelers.

[2] See

[3] The document contemplates that there are many perspectives on the very complex topics associated with autism, including the wording used to refer to autism.  See, e.g.,  Please reach out via the “Contact us” button if you feel the document’s descriptions or content can be improved.  The document’s authors realize this is an exceptionally important topic, and the intent is to help, however inevitably, mistakes will be made – the intent is to be very receptive to feedback and learning about this topic.

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